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Combe Ward


About the Ward

Combe Ward is a general ward for the care of older people. It was renovated in 2013 to become a dementia friendly environment.

Ward Location

Combe Ward is located in RUH Zone B on the ground floor at the end of the corridor. It is also called ward B19.

Ward Layout

Combe Ward has 26 beds arranged in 4 bays of 5 and 6 single side rooms. There is a small communal day room with comfortable chairs, a television and other interactive media available for use by patients and relatives.  There is also access to a communal garden area.

Entrance to the ward is gained by swipe card access for reasons of patient safety. Alternatively the doorbell is linked to an intercom, which can be used to speak to the ward receptionist/ward clerk who will open the doors for you. The main reception desk is at the entrance to the ward and there are small nursing stations in each bay rather than one main nursing station.

The Ward Team

Consultant Geriatrician

There are two consultant geriatricians covering Combe Ward:

Dr Chris Dyer and Dr Beth Jackson
Secretary telephone:

The Multi-disciplinary Team

The medical team includes a team of doctors and specialist nurses (Medical Nurse Practitioners).

The ward manager is in charge of the overall running of the ward and nursing care.  She has a dedicated team of junior sisters, nurses, healthcare assistants, domestic staff and ward clerks. A dedicated discharge coordinator assists the discharge process.

A team of physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech and language therapists, mental health liaison officers and social workers also have input into patient care.

General Enquiries / Reception Desk:

Welcome to Combe Ward Video

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