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Patients & Visitors

Hand Therapy


What should I expect when attending hand therapy?

At your first appointment, one of our Hand Therapists will ask a number of questions to understand your needs and concerns. From this information they will explain the problems they have identified to you to help you understand your condition/problem. In addition, a treatment programme will be developed that you will be able to complete at home. You may require regular follow-up appointments (these could be face-to-face or telephone calls).

If you struggle with your rehabilitation, your Hand Therapist can assist you to manage your pain and function in order to return to work, hobbies, etc.

The Hand Therapy team work from the Hands Suite, which is an open treatment room. As a result, there may be other patients in the room during your treatment session. This is common practice in Hand Therapy. However, if you require a more confidential space, please discuss this with your therapist at the start of your consultation.
Two pictures showing the Hands Suite

Your first appointment will often take 40 minutes. Subsequent appointments tend to last 30 minutes.

Please ensure you wear appropriate clothing that allows access to your whole arm.

We work in a room with our fellow Hand Therapists. So there may be other patients present and space can be limited. Furthermore, we are currently following NHS social distancing measures, which restrict the maximum number of people we can have in our treatment room. Please understand that we may not be able to accommodate friends or members of your family. If you need to be accompanied by somebody in your appointment, such as a family member or carer, please let your therapist know prior to the appointment. This will help us to accommodate your needs.

Yes, especially if you are having issues with it. We can review the condition of the splint and ensure it is fitting correctly.

Yes. Wound management is a key part of our service. We can review your wounds, change your dressings if necessary and remove stitches when appropriate.

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