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Duct Excision

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The Operation Complications After Care

The Operation

These operations may be performed for persistent or suspicious nipple discharge or troublesome infection. A single offending duct (microdochectomy) or, more commonly, all ducts (total duct excision) may be resected using an incision in the surrounding pigmented skin (areola), usually along the lower edge (periareolar), which produces minimal scarring.

This procedure may also sometimes be used to widely excise an early breast cancer to avoid mastectomy and to achieve a good cosmetic result.

The duct(s) is removed underneath the nipple and the wound is usually closed with absorbable suture. The procedure is carried-out under a general anaesthetic as a day case and the patient is reviewed in the Breast Clinic with the histology in 1-2 weeks.

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This is a minor day case procedure and recovery is usually rapid. A little bruising around the wound may occur and mild analgesics will be required for a day or two.

The procedure is covered with antibiotics but wound infection can still develop and a prolonged course or surgical intervention may be necessary.

Wound haematoma or fluid collection (seroma) and breakdown (dehiscence) are also rare.

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After Care

A watertight/occlusive dressing is applied with an overlying pressure dressing (for 24hrs) to help limit bruising. Showering is therefore possible 2 days after surgery.

The wound and histology are reviewed in the clinic 2 weeks later.

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