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Research aims

The research team at the RUH are involved in delivering a range studies across a spectrum of gastroenterological conditions. We recognise the importance of striving to answer questions in research that will continually improve our evidence based ways of working and ultimately have a positive impact upon the lives and quality of care our patients receive.

Some examples of current studies include; investigating genetic and environmental factors that influence response to treatment in patients with inflammatory bowel disease, a study to improve detection of colorectal cancer and a study investigating genetic factors in liver disease.

We have a successful track record delivering research projects over many years, including trials of new and existing medications, medical devices and observational studies. We collaborate with other research centres both throughout the UK and Internationally. We also work with pharmaceutical companies to deliver commercial clinical trials.

In order to deliver high quality research that reflects the needs of our patients, we have many other multidisciplinary team members that complement our research delivery team, in various departments around the hospital where patient's attend for various treatments and procedures, we work closely with our colleagues to ensure a patient centred research environment.

Patient involvement

We strive to ensure we communicate clearly and effectively with patients and ensure they feel well informed and supported. We ensure patients understand that their participation in research is completely voluntary.

We value greatly the time our patients choose to give to research which allow us to collectively advance in quality, safety and innovation. We understand that patients are at the heart of everything we do.

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