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Pre-surgical Optimisation

The Pre-operative Pathway

We would like to work with you to ensure that patients are in the best possible condition for surgery. This requires the optimal management of chronic medical conditions, which is the responsibility of the patient's GP, if necessary by seeking the involvement of appropriate RUH consultants.

Newly-diagnosed medical problems (perhaps identified during the pre-operative work-up) can be investigated by either GPs or RUH consultants, depending on the circumstances and timing, but either way, it is essential that all parties are kept informed of the process by effective communication, ensuring that the GP receives all results and retains responsibility for ongoing management.

To help guide this process, we have written a guideline for the pre-operative pathway (GPs only).

For more detail and resources on the anaesthetic management of your patients, please see the RUH Anaesthetic Department webpages.

Should you require advice or assistance, please contact the Surgical Pre-operative Assessment Department.

Dr Rowan Hardy
Consultant in Anaesthesia & Lead for Pre-Operative Assessment

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