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Requesting & Reporting

Obtain results

ICE Desktop
ULTRA Connect
RUH staff only



Results are available to ward staff and linked General Practices on the Ultra and ICE computer systems and can be accessed as soon as the analysis is completed and results authorised.

For those practices interfaced by GPlinks, the results are transmitted to mailboxes several times throughout the day and night.

New hospital medical staff should ensure that they have been adequately trained to access this system and have been issued with a password.

There are agreed protocols in each laboratory for identifying those abnormal results which will be communicated immediately to the requesting clinician by telephone.

Urgent Results

Biochemistry results which are above or below the following levels will be telephoned ASAP after validation to the location the request came from, with the exceptions noted in the, 'notes' column.

From 11 January 2017 abnormal results will no longer be phoned to ED with the exception of potassium >7.0mmol/L and AEOBS location. If a patient has transferred to MAU, SAU, etc. abnormal results will be phoned to the new location, as outlined below:

Phoning Biochemistry Results to Emergency Department

Test Low Limit
(less than)
High Limit
(more than)
Sodium 120 160  
Potassium 2.5 6.5 ED: >7.0 mmol/L only
Urea NA 29.9 Unless similar to previous
Creatinine NA 299 Unless similar to previous
Calcium (Adjusted) 1.80 3.20  
Phosphate 0.30 NA  
ALT NA 1000  
Magnesium 0.4 NA  
Glucose 2.0 19.9  
CPK NA 1000 Not inpatients
Amylase NA 225  
Troponin-T NA 30 GP & outpatient locations only
Digoxin NA 3.0  
Lithium NA 1.5  
Theophylline NA 25 ug/ml  
Phenobarbitone NA 45 mg/l  
Phenytoin NA 38 mg/l  
Carbamazepine NA 18 mg/l  
Paracetamol NA 5  
Salicylate NA 20  
Baby Bilirubin All Results  
CSF Xanthochromia All Results  
Lactate NA >3.90  
Whole blood Potassium >6.2 mmol/L Patient <18 years old
Whole blood Potassium >6.0 mmol/L Patient >18 years old
Cortisol <50 NA Not patients on overnight dexamethasone
CRP NA 300 GP & outpatient locations only

There are a few different factors which can affect the validity of biochemistry tests; some are noted in the test information pages. Most commonly, significant haemolysis, icterus and lipaemia will prevent the reporting of many biochemistry test results.

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