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Requesting & Reporting

Additional Requests

Requesting additional test on a sample already sent

Although it is possible to perform tests on a sample previously received by the blood sciences department, some tests require a fresh sample for valid results (see test information pages for details). In addition to this, samples are only kept for ~5 days after initial analysis, after which they are discarded.

To request additional tests on a previously sent sample, please use the

If an additional test is required urgently, please provide a fresh sample, if this is not possible the additional request must be discussed with the relevant department.

Please telephone haematology on 01225 82 4728 for haematology requests, immunology on 01228 82 4737 for immunology requests (ANCA and GBM only) or biochemistry clinical staff on 01225 82 4711 / 4713 / 4715 for biochemistry requests.

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