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Supported self-management (True NTH)

The Movember Foundation was part of the largest ever global investment to improve life for men with prostate cancer. The project, named True NTH, has developed programmes of care that have been shared around the world and recreated so all men can benefit from the best ideas.

The Movember Foundation has committed over £5 million in the UK and over $35 million (US) globally to change the way men live with and beyond prostate cancer. Many men across the world face side effects that have a huge impact on their lives during and after prostate cancer treatment. This could be sexual problems such as trouble getting erections, mental health issues such as depression and problems with incontinence.

Royal United Hospital was chosen to take part in the supported self-management aspect of True NTH. This programme aims to transform the way men with prostate cancer are followed up and encourages men to self-manage. Specific criteria has been developed to identify men who are deemed to have stable disease, they are approached by a dedicated support worker (SW).

Suitable patients no longer return to the hospital for traditional clinic based follow-up appointments. Instead, they have access to a patient IT portal to support them and their PSA test results are monitored remotely by the specialist team in secondary care. If needed, they will be called back to clinic if test results, reported symptoms or results from a health MOT give cause for concern.

The men attend a one off- 4 hour supported self-management workshop in groups in 8-12 men, which is facilitated by the SW and the clinical nurse specialist (CNS).

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