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Patients & Visitors



Clinic overview

On this page:

What to bring

  1. A list of all your current medications
  2. If you are attending the clinic for the first time please bring a urine sample with you.  You should collect the mid portion of your urine stream.
  3. A list of any questions you want to ask

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At the reception

  1. Check in at the reception
  2. Tell the nurse if you think you have a current infection in your urine

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Flow studies (including TRUS clinic) or urodynamics

If you are attending the outpatients for flow studies or urodynamics try to avoid passing urine for at least a couple of hours so that you attend with a comfortably full bladder.

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Incontinence symptoms

If you are attending for urinary incontinence symptoms it would be very helpful to the doctor if you could download and complete the Frequency Volume Chart

The Frequency Volume Chart asks you to record the time and quantity of urine you pass for 3 days.  It also has a column for recording any wet episodes.

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Increased difficulty voiding related to the prostate

If you are seeing a doctor for increased difficulty passing urine or because you are having to get up at night to void then by completing an IPSS questionnaire the doctor will be better able to understand and quantify your symptoms. IPSS stands for international prostate symptom score. You should also complete a Frequency Volume Chart. 

Frequency Volume Chart

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Prostate cancer follow up

Please make sure you have a recent PSA blood test done at your GP practice before attending the clinic.

This is usually done about a week before your appointment to make sure the result is back on time. This gives the doctor an indication on how well things are controlled with your current treatment

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