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Getting started

You can access LearnTogether via the following link:

Log into LearnTogether

Click on RUH staff log in and you will be taken to the NHSmail login page. Log in using your NHS mail address and password.

Multi-Factor authentication
In addition to your email address and password, NHS Mail now requires a second form of authentication, such as an authentication app on your mobile phone, text message, phone call or FIDO2 token. This second layer of security is designed to prevent anyone but you from accessing your account, even if they know your password. If you have not already set this up please contact IT or view further information here:
Getting started with MFA
Once MFA is set up click on Azure Multi-Factor Authentication to complete your login via the app or text.

Screenshot of the LearnTogether home page

The LearnTogether homepage shows your mandatory training compliance and links to other dashboards, reports and help pages.

On the LearnTogether homepage, you will see your training compliance block. Click on the training compliance block or the My learning tile to go to the My learning dashboard.

Check your Required Learning

Scroll down and look at the Required Learning tab.

Each mandatory training subject that has been set as a requirement for you is listed as a 'certification'. A certification for a mandatory subject shows the learning options available and how often the training must be updated.

The 'status' column shows whether you have completed training or not, and the Expiry Date column indicates the date by when you are required to update training in this certification.

This can be updated within 3 months of the certification expiry date. If mandatory training is completed again earlier than 3 months before expiry date the new completion date will not be recorded.

We have calculators so you can estimate approximately how much time you may need to complete your mandatory training via eLearning. Please note the eLearning calculators use estimated times based on user experience. It may take you longer to complete each eLearning module than the average completion time states especially if you are making notes.

eLearning Calculators:

Contact us

For further information and support please contact Lisa Harvey, eLearning Support Officer:

Find out more about using LearnTogether by watching this short 5 minute animation: