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Freedom of Information Act:
Money Matters

List and Value of Contracts Awarded

Brief Description Total value £M
Supply of Patient Meals 0.6
Maintenance of Cardiovascular equipment <0.1
Maintenance of Magnetic Resonance equipment <0.1
Maintenance of Radiotherapy equipment 0.1
Products CT Injector Syringes 0.1
Provision of Service Mobile Lithotripsy <.0.1
Product Diagnostic Consumables <0.1
Product Diagnostic Consumables <0.1
Lease of Ultrasound System <0.1
Maintenance of Anaesthesia Equipment <0.1
Maintenance of Anaesthetic equipment 0.1
Provision of treatments for Prostate Cancer <0.1
Product Supply of Radiology Consumables <0.1
Lease of Radiotherapy Camera 0.4
Product Supply of Angiograph Packs <0.1
Lease of Ultrasound equipment 0.1
Lease of CT Scanner
Lease of Ultrasound System <0.1
Maintenance of Oncology Therapy systems 0.1
Maintenance of Picture Archiving System 0.8
Maintenance of MRI System 0.2
Lease of Haematology Analyser <0.1
Service Provision Portable Appliance Testing <0.1
Service Waste Management 2.2
Maintenance Contract Services <0.1
Service Grounds & Gardens 0.1
Service Supply of Air Mattresses 0.4
Maintenance Fire Alarm System <0.1
Product Supply Desktop Stationery <0.1
Service of IT Database 0.5
Service of Franking Machine 0.1
Service Support for IT System <0.1
License for IT System 0.2
Service Provision for Taxis <0.1
Service Provision for Internal Audit <0.1
Service Provision for Funerals <0.1
Service Provision for Cash Delivery & Collection <0.1
Service Provision for Temporary Ancillary Staff <0.1
Service Provision for VAT Advice 0.1
Service Provision for Temporary Clerical Staff 0.1
Service Provision for Research 0.1
Service Provision for Non-emergency Patient Transport 3.5
Service for Recruitment Advertising 0.1
Service Provision for Legal Advice 0.2

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