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Medical Physics and Bioengineering underpins much of modern medical practice. Clinical Scientists and Clinical Technologists working in these departments are engaged in the provision or support of numerous diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. This involves their participation in routine clinical services and in research and development activities which lead to advances in health care.

The Department of Medical Physics and Bioengineering of the Royal United Hospital Bath NHS Trust was created in 1977.

The Department has good working relationships with other departments in the region (principally Bristol, Exeter, Plymouth, Gloucester and Cheltenham) and with academic institutions such as the Universities of Bath, Liverpool and the West of England.

The department participates in the new Modernising Scientific Careers Health Care Scientists training scheme.

The Medical Physics & Bioengineering Department of the RUH covers the following areas:

It has strong links with Designability, which is also based on the RUH site.

All of the work of the department is carried out on the RUH site in five locations. The main department containing some of the scientific laboratories is on the RUH C part of the site (the old RUH South corridor),  near the Lansdown restaurant (C15). The Clinical Imaging and Measurement unit is located next door (C16). The Medical Equipment Management Service (MEMS) (A8), the Medical Equipment Library (MEL) in A8 and the Radiotherapy Physics are located in the RUH A part of the site (A12) (the old RUH North).

Many senior staff in the department are involved at national and international level with various professional bodies and regulatory and standards setting organisations.

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