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Clinical Engineering

Clinical Engineering Overview

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The Clinical Engineering team within Medical Physics and Bioengineering provide a wide range of measurement, calibration, training and R&D support to the hospital. The Medical Equipment Management Service (MEMS) is part of this group.

We provide information and support for users of medical equipment through calibration of clinical systems to ensure their accuracy, training of staff in the use of the equipment, specialist measurements and designing and constructing specialist items of equipment where commercial solutions are unavailable.

The team of clinical scientists and technologists are there to provide other clinical staff within the hospital with help and advice on any problem of measurement, whether that is on patients or the environmental circumstances in which the patients are diagnosed or treated. We write specialist clinical software which is outside the remit of the Information Services Department especially in support of the use of medical equipment.

We have the facilities and expertise to design complex medical electronics equipment. We have undertaken a number of developments over the years which include intensive care instrumentation, specialised power packs for ambulatory ventilators, test equipment for diagnosing autonomic neuropathy etc.

The clinical engineering team can provide advice on the right model of equipment to purchase and supervise any selection and evaluation process that may be needed.

Clinical Measurement

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