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Measurement & Calibration

Non-ionising Radiation Measurement

Audiological Equipment Calibration and Repair Service
Medical Physics has calibration equipment for all commonly used audiological diagnostic devices; audiometers, tympanometers, and sound level meters. A traceable calibration and repair service is available to the Clinical Audiology Department of the RUH.

This service is available to other NHS trusts and GP practices.

Telephone: 01225 824090


Medical Physics provides scientific support, training and safety advice to the users of Lasers.

Phototherapy Calibration and QA

Medical Physics provides scientific support and safety advice to the users of UV therapy, PDT and intense light sources.

Traceable calibration of UV dermatology treatment devices, and neonatal bilirubinemia treatment equipment is carried out to ensure optimal performance of equipment and minimising risk to patients.

Environmental measurements


Noise assessment surveys can be carried out to ensure that staff are not subject to unacceptably high levels, according to noise at work regulations, and advice on any remedial measures necessary.


Lighting levels have been monitored and advice given according to the Health and Safety at Work Act as to appropriate levels for particular working environments.

Electromagnetic Fields

Within the clinical engineering group we have a wide interest in the effects of electromagnetic fields (EMF), from the point of view of their effects on medical equipment and on the human body. We undertake surveys of the EMFs around the hospital, particularly in areas where sensitive medical equipment is in use. We monitor the compliance of manufacturers who make medical equipment to ensure that there are no interference problems that might lead to inaccurate measurements or treatment.

We can undertake specialist measurements of these fields across a wide range of frequencies from 50 HZ (the mains electrical system) up to microwave frequencies (mobile phones and radios). We have special interest in the use of diathermy equipment both in Physiotherapy and the Operating Theatres. Both of these types of equipment give off high EMFs and need to be monitored to ensure safety of staff and patients.

We have equipment for monitoring the quality of the mains electricity to determine whether medical equipment that is intermittently faulty is failing because of inadequate mains supply.

We monitor the whole hospital for compliance with the European Directive 2013/35/EU, on minimizing risks to workers from electromagnetic fields

For help or advice please contact Siu Man Lee on 01225 82 4091.

Electrical interference and EMC

Modern medical equipment can be susceptible to interference from a number of different sources. Identifying and protecting equipment from these unwelcome problems is part of the role of clinical engineering. We can measure interference conducted through the electrical mains cables or radiated through the air. We have a particular interest in the effects of porters and emergency services radios and mobile phones on medical equipment and have developed the Trust’s policy on the use of these items.

In general mobile phones must not be used within 1 metre of medical equipment or anywhere on the cardiac wards. Porters and emergency services radios are much more high powered and liable to cause problems and as a result must not be used within 3 metres of medical equipment. They must also not be used in the cardiac wards.

If you suspect that you might have a problem with interference with any equipment then contact Siu Man Lee on 01225 82 4091.

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