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The eLearning modules are a quick, simple and efficient way of familiarising yourself with the processes you will use in Millennium.

You can access the modular lessons at a time convenient to you – they typically take less than five minutes. All you need is PC with internet access. If you have problems accessing the training, please contact the Service Desk on extension 5444.

The modules are also available on the Trust's internet site, so you can also access them from home. You can copy the link and email it to yourself at home. Alternatively, if you are at home but don't have the link the information can be found on the RUH website:

  • Click here
  • Select "Education & Development" from the left Menu
  • Click on Millennium (middle of the page)
  • If you have any questions about the eLearning modules, call IT helpdesk on 5444 (internal) or 01225 82 5444 (External).

    What is eLearning?

    Very simply, eLearning is using technology to learn; it is the learning you can do at your own convenience. For example, you might be finding information via your computer or phone and you'd be eLearning while doing so.

    What does this mean for you?

    What this means here at the RUH is that you have access to a whole host of simulations which outline the end-to-end actions you need to know in order to perform your role when Millennium goes live.

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    eLearning Modules

    Please Note:
    If you have problems opening the eLearning modules below, you may need to have Flash 10 installed. Please contact the IT Service Desk for assistance.

    These modules can also be accessed from home via the RUH internet website. Click on For Clinicians and then on Education.

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    Allied Health Professionals

    Order an Occupational Therapy Referral

    Order a Physiotherapy Referral

    Order a Dietitian Referral

    Order a Speech and Language Referral

    Add information to the Discharge Summary

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    Appointment Centre

    Remove Referral

    Accept or Prioritise a Referral

    Redirect a referral

    Send a Partial Invite Letter

    Patient does not Respond

    Capacity not Available

    Overbook Clinic

    Cancelling a Clinic

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    Bed / Site Managers

    Find a bed

    View Pending Discharges

    View TCI List

    Create a list in PowerChart to show side rooms

    View Request for Admission & To be Scheduled

    Pend an Admission

    View Pend Admission by Ward

    View Pend Admission by Facility

    View Home Leave

    View Cold Trauma Urgent Waiting List

    Remove a Pending Admission

    Request for Admission - Existing Outpatient

    Request for Admission - No existing Outpatient

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    Creating and Purging New Media Types

    Batch Tracking - all roles except Doctors & Consultants

    Single Note Tracking - all roles except Doctors & Consultants

    Monitor Request Queue - Medical Records

    Modify a Request

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    Filter Coding Task Queue

    Reorder Columns in Coding Task Queue

    Set on Hold Reasons on Coding Task Queue

    PowerChart Familiarisation for Coders

    Code Single Encounter - Example 5 Gastro

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    Doctors, Anaesthetists & Nurse Practitioners

    Accessing the OP Schedule and Entering a Patient Record

    Complete an OP note

    Create a patient list and access a patient's record

    Create a Patient List by Consultant

    Modify and Cancelling an Allergy

    Place an order for Surgery

    Place an order for a non-theatre admission

    Record an Outpatient Procedure

    Recording an allergy

    Removing a diagnosis

    Request a Consultant's Opinion using the Message Centre

    View Outpatient Schedule

    Auto Text

    Print Operating List

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    Emergency Department: Clinicians

    View Discharge Summary

    Recording 'No known allergies'

    Record an allergy

    Modifying and cancelling an allergy

    Adding, modifying and cancelling an alert

    Viewing allergies and alerts on PAL and Patient list

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    Emergency Department: Observation Ward

    Transfer between Wards

    Discharge a Patient

    View Discharge Summary

    HCA complete Initial Risk Assesment & Nurse re-enters to sign

    Nurse Only Initial Risk assessment

    Recording an Allergy

    Recording 'No Known Allergies'

    Modify and cancelling an allergy

    View Alerts and Allergy Details

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    Emergency Department: Receptionists

    Register a Child

    Register a new patient

    Register an overseas Patient

    Create an encounter for an existing patient

    Admit a patient to the Observation Ward

    Create an outpatient encourter to schedule an appointment

    Request Case Notes

    Tracking case notes

    Undo a discharge

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    Discharging from the Outpatient Encounter

    Home Leave

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    Inpatient Ward Staff (Nurses, HCAs & Student Nurses)

    Request for Admission: Existing Outpatient Encounter

    Request for Admission: No Existing Outpatient Encounter

    Scheduling a Patient

    Transfer Between Wards

    Pending Discharge

    Discharge following a Pending Discharge

    Transfer to and Discharge from the Discharge Lounge

    Create a patient list and Access a patient record

    Initial Risk Assessment - One

    Authorising Assessment Form

    Adding, Modifying and Cancelling an Alert

    Add an Allergy

    Modifying and Cancelling an allergy

    Recording 'No known allergy'

    Record Inpatient Procedure creating a Favourites folder

    Creating the Patient Status Form

    Updating the Patient Status Form

    Ordering a Dietician Referral

    Refer to Social Services - Order Section 2

    Ordering Continuing Health Care (CHC) - Fast Track

    Refer to Social Services - Order Continuing Health Care (CHC)

    Refer to Social Services - Order Section 5

    Health Rehab - Order and Complete Health Rehab Form

    Complete Nursing Assessment

    Creating a Transfer of Care Form

    Printing Documentation

    Check In, Record Procedure and Check Out

    Create Outpatient Referral

    Scheduling Ward Attender Appointment

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    Medical Secretaries

    Request Notes

    Modify a Request

    Monitor Request Queue

    Update RTT & Discharge Patient

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    Patient Registration

    Patient Registration - Adding a New Patient

    Patient Registration - Scheduling an Appointment

    Patient Registration - Searching For a Patient & Creating an OP Encounter

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    Check Out - Appointment at Checkout

    Modify and Add a comment

    Booking from the 'To be Scheduled' list

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    Request for Admission

    Request for Admission: Existing Outpatient Encounter

    Request for Admission: No Existing Outpatient Encounter

    Scheduling a Patient

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    Emergency Scheduling

    Case Staff, Surgical Procedure & Patient Positioning

    Add, Discontinue & Activate a Segment

    Theatre Check out

    Abandon a Theatre Case

    Terminate a Document

    Print Operating Lists

    Print Send for Slips

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    Ward Attenders

    Check In, Record Procedure and Check Out

    Create Outpatient Referral

    Scheduling Ward Attender Appointment

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