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Club Foot

Monitoring and Maintenance

“Stretches & exercises will help maintain flexible, pain free happy feet!”

Once your child has completed their boots and bars treatment (up to the age of 4) they will continue to have regular reviews here at the RUH physiotherapy clinic and intermittently by the Paediatric Orthopaedic Consultant.

It is very important to monitor your child’s feet as no matter how successful the treatment a relapse is always possible and you will need to attend appointments for regular monitoring throughout your child's growing years.

Some club feet will require further treatment such as plastering and sometimes more surgery.

Your physiotherapist will encourage you to stretch your child’s feet daily to help maintain the flexibility and movement achieved from the treatment. Your Physiotherapist will show you the exercises to do.

Just like we all brush our teeth daily to prevent tooth decay, stretches and exercises will help maintain flexible, pain free happy feet!

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