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Working for us

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Welcome to the RUH

Our role

The Royal United Hospital NHS Foundation Trust Bath provides a suite of Medical and Surgical services to a population of 500,000, dispersed across West Wiltshire, Bath, North East Somerset and Somerset.

The Trust offers a range of acute medical and surgical services including Accident and Emergency & Trauma and Orthopaedics, as well as paediatrics, clinical support services, and maternity services.

To deliver these services the Trust employs around 4,300 staff, supported by a temporary, flexible workforce contracted through the Trust's Staff Bank, Staffing Solutions.

Our Values

Our values convey the things we heard make the most difference to patients, carers, and staff, and the ways people said we can keep improving.

They were created with almost a 1000 staff, patients and carers who used the feedback from 1000 hours of listening to staff, patients, carers and families about their experience of working and being cared for at the RUH.

They set out our ambition for how our staff, patients, carers, families said they want each and every one of us to behave now and in the future. We know that many of our staff live these values most of the time but our staff, patients, carers and families told us we don't consistently live these values.

They represent our aspiration for the type of hospital we want to be.

We will:
  • Treat everyone as an individual – see the person, understand their needs, respect their views
  • Take time to care – be attentive and considerate, notice the little things
  • Value and respect others – recognise people's contributions, say thankyou
  • Be kind and caring – put yourself in other's shoes, show empathy and compassion
  • Be friendly and polite – smile, introduce yourself, welcome everyone and build relationships
  • Be calm and reassuring – put people at ease, create cheerful and welcoming environments

We will:
  • Communicate – clearly, openly, honestly, sensitively and in a timely way
  • Actively listen – make time to listen, hear people and respond
  • Share information – be transparent, keep people informed, explain clearly
  • Involve and empower others – share learning, welcome people's ideas and give choices
  • Be helpful – be aware of others, ask people if they need help, follow things through
  • Support each other – cooperate to provide the best possible service

We will:
  • Be proactive – prepare, take responsibility, influence whenever you can, focus on solutions
  • Speak up – encourage everyone to have a voice and help people to be heard
  • Take pride – in ourselves, what we do and where we work, celebrate achievements
  • Contribute – share ideas, be curious, challenge yourself and others to continuously improve the way we work
  • Be willing to learn – develop yourself and other's skills, knowledge, confidence and ability, be prepared to learn from others, give and receive feedback
  • Be responsive and efficient – take the time to do things effectively and be respectful of other people's time

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Are you the person we are looking for?

All roles within the Royal United Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (RUH) require people with a diverse range of skills and abilities.

We need people who are effective in:

  • working as part of a team
  • using initiative and determination
  • planning and organising their work
  • communicating with others
  • anticipating and solving problems
  • embracing change
  • learning new skills and acquiring knowledge
  • customer relations

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