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Club Foot


Club foot is a complex deformity of the foot and calf and requires an experienced clinician to treat the condition.

The cause of club foot is still unknown. It tends to affect boys more than girls and it can vary in its severity. One (unilateral) or both (bilateral) feet can be affected.

The correct term for club foot is Congenital Talipes Equino Varus or CTEV:

  • Congenital
    this is a deformity present from birth
  • Talipes
    means foot/ankle
  • Equino varus
    describes the position of the foot, which is pointed down and inwards

Often this condition is detected following your 20 week scan. Some parents prefer to be prepared and armed with as much information on what to expect and what will happen following the birth of their baby.

We offer appointments to parents wishing to discuss treatment following your ultra sound scan. The clinician who does your scan will be able to refer you to see the physiotherapist or you may contact us directly.

It is important to remember that confirmation of the actual diagnosis of club foot can only occur after your baby is born.

Once your baby is born the physiotherapists will visit you on the ward or arrange for you to come into the next clinic for treatment to start.

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