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Step 3: Boots & Bar

Photo of Baby Cali-Ann wearing the boots and bar.  Click for photogallery and full description of each photo
Little Cali-Ann with Mum, Claire

Following the 2-3 weeks in plaster, it is time to start the third stage of the Ponseti treatment, which is where your baby goes into boots and bars which is a type of foot brace.

This stage of treatment is critical to the successful outcome of your baby’s feet.

The boots and bars are two boots attached to the ends of a bar. The boots are set at specific angles by your physiotherapist.

The boots and bars are initially worn during the day and at night times for three months. Your baby can have 1 hour a day, maximum, out of the boots and bars for bathing etc.

“Wearing the boots and bars is a critical part of the successful treatment of your child’s feet.”

After three months they are worn at night and nap times only. Your baby needs to wear the boots and bars for 12 hours over night, for example 7pm to 7am.

This night and nap routine continues until the children are 4 years old.

Wearing the boots and bars is a critical part of the successful treatment of your child’s feet. This cannot be emphasised enough.

Your physiotherapist will regularly check how you are getting on and ensure that the boots are fitting well and being put on correctly. As your baby grows new size boots will be fitted.

Many parents find this stage of the ponseti treatment difficult. It can take a little while for you and your baby to get used to the boots and bars.

Talking to other parents can be very helpful, especially to families who have a young toddler whose feet have done well because they persevered with the boots and bars, making it all worth while.

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