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Transoesophageal ECHO


  • Patients for whom TTE has not yielded sufficient information
  • Referral is only accepted from a Consultant Cardiologist

TOE gives better images than TTE of Thrombus, valves and vegetations because the transducer is nearer the heart


  • The test is done at present by Dr. Mansfield or Dr. Easaw aided by a Nurse and a Cardiac Physiologist.
  • Details of the procedure can be found in the A Patient's Guide to Transoesophageal ECHO (TOE) document
  • Patients should be prepared to stay until 5pm on the day of the procedure




Patients are referred for the procedure by a Consultant Cardiologist. Appointments are sent by post by Sister Claire Monahan.


Cardiac Centre, 3rd Floor Central, Zone B


Patients should arrange to be escorted home. They should not drive until the following day.

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