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Rapid Access Chest Pain

Who should be seen?

This clinic is aimed at patients who have suffered chest discomfort or similar symptoms possibly suggestive as heart pain ‘Angina’ . The clinic offers a short waiting time (under 2 weeks) to enable an outpatient consultation with one of the Rapid Access Chest pain team who are skilled in evaluating your history and symptoms.

What happens during this clinic?

The lead member will consult with you over your recent symptoms and listen to your heart & lungs. The physiologist will always take an ECG and blood pressure.

Many patients proceed to walk on a treadmill to measure how much the heart rate and Blood pressure respond while the ECG is also being taken, please see our section on exercise testing for further information.

I am unfit ….i am worried about the treadmill ?

Not everyone is suitable for the treadmill test due to difficulties in one way or another so please do not get concerned that you are too unfit to walk, this is not compulsory or even necessary in some patients.

For those able to walk ,be reassured, it’s a slow walk and it only increases if your able to do this, the test is stopped quickly if needed.

The clinic hopes to eliminate the heart as a source of concern for your symptoms, some individuals require further tests or medications to help.

You will be kept informed on the day of your visit. In the main clinics run on time but allow an hour at the hospital to cover this appointment.


Cardiac Centre, 3rd Floor Central, Royal United Hospital, Bath

Patients should wear clothing appropriate for exercise.

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