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Patients who have had MI, PCI are seen approximately 6 weeks after discharge


  • Assessment is by a Cardiology clinical assistant and a treadmill or bicycle exercise ECG is done if possible. Changes to management are sometimes suggested. Patients are put on the Cardiac catheterisation waiting list if necessary.
  • We would like all post MI patients to join our Rehabilitation exercise class, but not everyone will benefit. Ideally those for enrolment should be able to manage about 3 minutes of treadmill or bicycle exercise but this is not always essential.


Twice weekly (Monday and Friday at present)


  • Patients discharged from RUH following PCI are sent an appointment made by a Cardiac Centre Appointments Clerk as part of the discharge plan
  • Patients discharged from RUH following MI are given an appointment by a member of the rehabilitation team
  • Patients sent directly home from a regional centre after PCI have an appointment sent by post as soon as we recieve a summary letter from the regional centre Consultant
  • Patients treated in other hospitals (eg those who fell ill on holiday) can be referred by their General Practitioner by letter to a Consultant


Cardiac Centre, 3rd Floor, Zone B


Patients should wear clothing appropriate for exercise.

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