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Pacemaker Insertion and Box Change

A pacemaker is a small, medical device that is used to treat certain heart rhythm conditions.

Patients who require a pacemaker are referred by a Cardiologist. The doctor considers patient symptoms, medical history and recordings from several Cardiac tests, such as an ECG and Echocardiogram.

The full implant consists of pacemaker leads being implanted into the heart through the blood vessels from the shoulder. The pacemaker device is then attached and surgically inserted underneath the skin by the collarbone. Depending on the requirements for implant, a pacemaker can have 1, 2 or 3 leads inside the heart.

Routine pacemaker implants in the Royal United Hospitals are typically performed as a day case procedure. Patients are admitted to CDCU pre procedure before attending the Cardiac Labs for the implant, before returning to CDCU to recover. The procedure is discussed in detail prior to attendance, as are the driving and movement implications

Pacemaker generators have a finite battery, the battery longevity varies depending on the device type and individual device characteristics. Once the Cardiac Physiology team deem it appropriate the pacemaker generator will need it changing, referred to as a ‘Box Change’.

A routine box change procedure is set up much the same as the original implant, you attend for a day case procedure to CDCU pre-procedure and return there for recovery.

After the pacemaker is implanted, regular technical review is performed to ensure optimal function. These reviews can occur either in person, or when available via remote monitoring. This will be discussed post-implant or box change.

Appointments are made by the Cardiology Booking Co-ordinator - 01225 824587

The clinic (CDCU) can be found in location B56, 2nd Floor 01225 825394

Useful information

British Heart Foundation web page on pacemakers

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