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Pacemaker - following implantation


Pacemaker patients are routinely followed up after 4 weeks after implantation and either annually or bi-annually thereafter.

More frequent checks are occasionally appropriate. For guidance, please refer to the leaflet: Following Pacemaker Implantation.

Who not

Potential candidates for pacemaker implantation require a clinical opinion from a Consultant Cardiologist first.


  • Pacemaker function is checked by a Cardiac Physiologist
  • Clinical issues are referred to a Consultant or Registrar
  • Pacemaker technical issues are discussed with our Pacemaker Engineer or with the manufacturer


Monday and Wednesday all day


  • When patients are discharged from the ward after pacemaker implantation, or leave a Pacemaker clinic, they are routinely given the next appointment by the Cardiac Physiologists
  • Patients are encouraged to discuss problems with the Cardiac Physiologists by telephone and thus 'self-refer'
  • Pacemaker function can be checked at the request of a General Practitioner following a letter to a Consultant or to the Chief Cardiac Physiologist


Cardiac Centre, 3rd Floor, Zone B


12-lead ECG if the appointment is non-routine

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