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Cardiology Day Case Unit (CDCU)


Heart Failure Service

About Us

The Specialist Heart Failure Team are involved in the care of heart failure patients within the hospital setting, providing inpatient and outpatient care.

We will assess and monitor patients whilst providing individualised care and management plans.

We may start this process during an inpatient stay or if you have been referred, through your GP. We may ask our patients to attend an outpatient clinic at the hospital, or we will refer you to be seen locally by a community heart failure team.

We may initiate, change or titrate medications which will support your heart function. We will also consider the need for further investigations and interventions.

Our aim is to provide education to our patients, assisting in the self-management of their condition. We aim to do this is an inclusive and holistic manner, empowering our patients with the tools and resources to live an improved quality of life.

Ambulatory Furosemide service for Heart Failure patients

The Heart Failure nurses run an ambulatory service, where intravenous Furosemide can be administered as a day case.

The patient will need be known to the RUH, BaNES or Wiltshire community Heart Failure services AND have a confirmed diagnosis of heart failure.

The service is delivered on the Cardiac Day Case Unit (CDCU), B56. The Heart Failure nurses will clinically assess the patient face to face on the unit, prescribe the required Furosemide and the infusion will be administered by the nursing team based on the unit.

Please contact:

Tel: 01225 525587
Bleep: # 7717


The Specialist Heart Failure Team

Heart Failure Service Team From left to right: Cathy Samios (Heart failure specialist nurse HFSN) Emily Gibson (HFSN), Dr Tania Pawade (Heart failure consultant), Dr Oliver Watkinson (Heart failure consultant), Sophie Loud (HFSN), Cath Fee (HFSN)

Our specialist team consists of Consultants, Specialist nurses and administrative staff.


  • Dr Oliver Watkinson
  • Dr Tanya Pawade
  • Dr Jacob Easaw

Specialist nursing team:

  • Catherine Fee
  • Sophie Loud
  • Emily Gibson
  • Cathy Samios

Contact details:

  • Specialist Heart Failure Nurses office: 01225 825587
  • Cardiology outpatients: 01225 821534
  • Medical secretaries of consultants :

    Dr Watkinson : 01225 825443

    Dr Pawade and Dr Easaw : 01225 821937

What might happen at my appointment?

Prior to your appointment, you will be sent a letter asking you to attend the heart failure clinic appointment. You will be asked to attend the 3rd floor in the main part of the hospital (above the Atrium B45) Cardiology outpatients.

You will need to check-in at Cardiology reception. You may be asked to sit in the main waiting room or may be directed into a consultation room, where an ECG and your vital signs may be obtained. Once these have been taken, a doctor or nurse will review you.

Please bring an up-to-date list of your medications and any questions you or your family have regarding your diagnosis and management. We will be happy to answer these.

It is understandable if you feel nervous about visiting us at the hospital and in our vast experience, we understand this can be for several reasons, however we are a friendly team and will endeavour, to support you during your time with us.

If you need any additional support, for example an interpreter or BSL trained person, then please let us know as soon as you can.

We look forward to meeting you during your appointment.

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