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Patients & Visitors

Cardiac Centre Clinics

Extended ("24 Hour") ECG Recording


Patients with:

  • Presyncope or syncope when arrhythmia is suspected
  • Unexplained recurrent palpitations
  • Other specific indications including assessment of:
    • Anti-arrhythmic drug treatment
    • Pacemaker function
    • Risk eg in HOCM
    • Possible AF in post stroke patients

Who not

Patients must be able to travel to the hospital once to have the recorder fitted. The equipment usually needs to be returned the following day, not necessarily by the patient.


The ECG electrodes and recorder box are fitted and interrogated by a Cardiac Physiologist. The result is reviewed by the Consultant or Registrar. A management plan is suggested.


Monday to Thursday all day.


Referrals by letter.
Appointments are made by the Cardiac Physiologists and confirmed by post.


Cardiac Centre, 3rd Floor Central, Royal United Hospital, Bath


Patients should bring a complete current drug list.

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