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Cardiac Centre Clinics

Elective DC Cardioversion

DC cardioversion (DCCV) is used to treat irregular heart rhythms (commonly atrial fibrillation). The procedure involves a general anaesthetic and placement of electrodes on the chest. An electrical impulse is passed across the electrodes to return the heart rhythm to normal.

Patients are asked to attend a Pre-Clerking Clinic in advance for an ECG and blood tests. The procedure is explained thoroughly at this time and outstanding questions are addressed.

Clinics take place on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Suitable patients are referred by a Cardiologist following on Outpatient Clinic consultation or hospital admission.

Appointments are made by the Cardiology pre-admission team on 01225 821479 or 01225 821480.

Please arrive at the Cardiac Day Case Unit (B56), 2nd Floor Central, Royal United Hospital, Bath. Telephone : 01225 825394.

Please note that patients should arrange to be escorted home and should not drive until the following day.

Useful Information

British Heart Foundation web page on Cardioversion

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