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Coronary angiography/PCI


An angiogram is an X-ray test to diagnose heart conditions, particularly narrowing of the heart arteries (coronary artery disease). It can also be used to provide information about how well your heart is pumping and the pressures inside the heart. It is a commonly performed test and essential in deciding what treatment may be best for you.

Details of the procedure are in the document: A Patient's Guide to Coronary Angiogram.

Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (PCI) - stents

Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (PCI) (also known as angioplasty or stenting) uses the same technique as angiography and is sometimes carried out at the same time. It is a treatment used to overcome narrowing of the heart arteries.

A fine wire is inserted down the narrow artery and a balloon is inflated in the narrowing. A metal stent (scaffold) is then inserted to keep the artery open. This procedure is commonly used for the emergency treatment of a heart attack.

Useful information:

Patients for assessment of known or suspected Coronary Artery Disease.

  • Dr A Kharandi
  • Dr R Lowe
  • Dr K Carson
  • Dr D McKenzie
  • Dr R Kanden

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