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Patients & Visitors

Cancer Strategy

The RUH cancer strategy sets out the priorities and developments for the care of people with cancer over the next five years and beyond at the Royal United Hospital (RUH), Bath. The document has been developed through a partnership of health professionals, patients, trust management and commissioners.

The Cancer Strategy document has been prepared in line with the national cancer strategy published in 2011 ,"Improving outcomes; A Strategy for Cancer" which sets out a series of priorities for the development of cancer services that are patient focussed and reflect the fact that people are living longer with cancer and increasingly surviving the disease.

The aim of the Cancer Strategy is to deliver against five key strategic priorities;

  • Continued collaboration with GPs and the Network, supported by appropriate and accurate data and information
  • A culture and environment focussed on survivorship
  • Finance and driving productivity
  • Securing access to trials, technology and academic links
  • Securing a comprehensive service for common cancers