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Requesting & Reporting

Additional Requests

Requesting additional blood science tests (Biochemistry, Haematology and Immunology)

We are aware that on occasion it is necessary to request additional tests for a sample already in the laboratory.  We will accommodate additional requests where possible but in order to limit the interruption to workflow within the laboratory the routine practice should be to add tests to future samples or that the patient is re-bled.

Situations that may require additional testing include:

Situations not mentioned above are usually inappropriate for additional requesting.

If the request fulfils these criteria the additional test will be accepted provided that:

Add-on NOT appropriate
Within 24 hours of venepuncture Within 48 hours of venepuncture Up to three days after venepuncture
Ammonia CSF lactate Haematology tests U&E, LFT
Bicarbonate Digoxin Vitamin B12 Bone, Mg
Lactate   Folate TFT’s
Glucose (if non fluoride tube)   Paracetamol BNP

Requesting additional tests

To request an additional test on a previously sent inpatient sample, please use the:

Millennium Add-on service

Haematology samples are routinely retained for a maximum of 2 days.
Biochemistry samples are routinely retained for a maximum of 4 days.
Immunology samples are routinely retained for a maximum of 14 days

The laboratory processes add on requests, received via Millennium, with the same priority as routine ward requests.

If an additional test is required urgently, please provide a fresh sample.

For clinically critical requests where this is not possible please contact the relevant department.

Requesting additional tests on an already sent GP sample

To request additional tests on a previously sent GP sample, please use the

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