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Phlebotomy Guide

Phlebotomy Guide

Labelling the Samples

Blood Collection Tubes

Sample containers must be in date. Users must check that they are using in date consumables.

Blood collection tubes must not be labelled before taking the sample. You should prepare by getting together all the materials you need for the blood collection including the set of Millennium or ICE stickers if appropriate. Next, take the blood sample, before finally labelling the tube (Millennium/ICE sticker or writing on the tube label) whilst cross checking the identity of the patient.

Bottles may be labelled with Millennium or ICE stickers where appropriate but other sticky labels must NOT be attached to any blood tube.

When handwriting patient and collection details onto a blood tubes you must include (on each tube) the patients surname, forenameand a unique identifier (Registration or NHS number, or DOB), location and date, ie. at least 3 identifiers. Certain tests such as glucose, drug tests, APTT, INR and thrombophilia screen all require the collection time on the tubes as well.

Also, write the time of collection on the request form.

See also special instructions for labelling blood transfusion samples.

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