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Phlebotomy Guide

Phlebotomy Guide

Phlebotomy Do's

  • Remember that patients you are dealing with are ill and concerned for their health; you should be supportive and caring, without prying into their personal lives.
  • You should exhibit integrity towards and be supportive of the Trust at all times. Any problems with carrying out your duties are between you and your manager, NOT the patient!
  • Our aim is to ensure patients leave having had a pleasant and cared-for experience.
  • Record all incidents and problems in the log book as well as discussing with your manager
  • Make sure you are familiar with the "Universal Precautions" procedure in the Control of Infection Handbook
  • Wear gloves this is mandatory to protect yourself from contamination and to reduce the effects of needle stick injury contamination whenever possible. Change gloves after each patient
  • Wash hands mandatory - between contact with every patient especially where there has been patient contact without gloves.
  • Use only Chloraprep to prepare the venepuncture site.
  • Use a fresh needle for each attempt. Remember, the larger the needle the better the sample quality (do not use "butterfly" sets unless absolutely necessary.
  • Use single use tourniquets, gloves and apron on patients in isolation.

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