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  1. What do I need to bring to my appointment?

    If you are attending for a vaccination review you need to provide evidence of any vaccines that you may have received or proof of immunity to the disease. This evidence may be obtained from your GP practice, childhood immunisation booklet or previous employers / OH providers.

    If you are attending for blood tests please bring proof of identification such as passport or drivers licence.
  2. What is health surveillance?

    Health surveillance is a legal requirement where a job role has a known health hazard with a known and measureable health effect.

    You have been invited to attend for health surveillance because you work in a noisy environment or with vibrating tools/respiratory sensitisers/skin sensitisers and your employer has identified that your level of exposure requires health surveillance.

    Your OH Screening Nurse will explain in detail exactly which tests you need. This may include audiometry, respiratory function tests, hand arm vibration assessment and skin assessments. When your tests have been completed your OH Nurse will explain what information will be sent to your manager about your fitness and when you will need to attend for your next appointment.

    If you are attending for health surveillance / screening please bring:
    – Proof of identity
    – Glasses if worn
    – List of current medications
  3. How do I access my OH medical records?

    You have the right to see data held about you in your OH record although there is a right to withhold information from you if it is likely to cause harm to you or a third party. If you would like to see your occupational health record please email ruh‑tr.occupationalhealth@nhs.net
  4. Who can access my data?

    Any information you provide to OH will be treated in the strictest confidence. Your data will be stored electronically in secure systems accessed only by OH staff. Your data may be used in anonymised collated reports.

    If you have any objection to this please speak to your OH practitioner.
  5. How do I obtain a report of my immunisation history?

    If you require a report of your immunisation history please complete the form in the link below and send it via email to ruh‑tr.occupationalhealth@nhs.net

    The report will be sent via secure email to the address that you have provided 5-10 working days after your request has been processed. There may be a charge for this information. In this case a member of our admin team will contact you.
  6. What happens if I don't attend my appointment?

    When an appointment is made for you to see an occupational health clinician, you will receive a confirmation email to the email address provided and at least one text to your mobile telephone number. If the email does not appear in your inbox please check your "Spam" folder.

    If the appointment date given is unsuitable please contact us by email at ruh‑tr.occupationalhealth@nhs.net or telephone 01225 824064 as soon as possible to rearrange to a more suitable time/date.

    If you fail to attend the appointment, change or cancel it without providing at least 48 working hours' notice, your employer will be informed and will still be charged for the appointment. They may pass on this charge to you.

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