Why Choose Us?

Why invest?

An Occupational Health service can provide advice and support to managers and employees to help them stay healthy and in work.

By investing in your most valuable asset you can:

  • Retain staff and avoid recruitment and training costs
  • Contribute to reducing sick pay and associated costs
  • Support your staff if they are worried about how their health is going affect their ability to do their job
  • Ensure all adequate precautions are taken to protect your employees from risks of the job and/ or equipment they use
  • Help meet your legal requirements and avoid discriminating against disabled workers

Each week in the UK, one million people (almost 4% of the working population) take time off work due to illness and 3,000 people move from Statutory Sick Pay on to Incapacity Benefit.

As a healthy workforce has lower sickness absence, it is clear that employers can achieve significant cost savings if they can reduce their absence by improving health and well-being at work.

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