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Date: 13 November 2020

Patients with Type 1 Diabetes urged to have an annual check-up

To mark World Diabetes Day on Saturday (14 November) staff at the Royal United Hospitals Bath NHS Foundation Trust are encouraging patients with Type 1 diabetes to make sure they have an annual check-up.

Gaynor Kebbell, RUH Diabetes Facilitator, said: "We regularly see people who have lived with Type 1 diabetes for more than 50 years, which shows that living a long and healthy life with Type 1 diabetes really is possible.

"We have new insulins, new ways of testing blood glucose and new pumps and technology. So whatever your needs there should be something that can help.

"Despite the increase in technology, we understand that living with Type 1 diabetes can at times be challenging and knowing what support is around you can really make a difference.

"Having an annual review ensures that you have all the checks you need to keep healthy. If you have missed an appointment at the hospital or even if you have not seen a specialist for a long time it is worth asking your GP to refer you.

"Not only is this a good opportunity to discuss how you are feeling, but you can also find out what technological support and treatment options are available to you. Our team of consultants will also introduce you to other members of the team who can help you such as Diabetes Specialist Nurses, dieticians, podiatrists and psychotherapists."

Online support for Type 1 diabetes has never been better. BERTIE online, is a short Type 1 education course that can be taken at your own pace -

Alternatively, you might like to try T1 resources, which is a trustworthy and regularly reviewed website which supports self-management of diabetes -

For general information (including regular COVID-19 updates), go to

If you live in BANES and you are unwell and require advice during office hours, you can contact the BANES Community Diabetes Specialist Nurse team directly on 07703 973883 or 07703 973417.

For advice or information on any aspect of living with diabetes you can contact the Diabetes UK helpline 0345 123 2399, Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm.


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