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Date: 15 January 2018

Art praise for creative RUH staff

The hidden talents of RUH staff and volunteers were praised by Bath Liberal Democrat MP Wera Hobhouse when she announced the winners of the hospital's staff and volunteer art exhibition.

Staff members from a range of departments including Maternity, Estates, Pathology, Therapies and ward volunteers took part and exhibited in media such as photography, painting and mixed media.

Wera Hobhouse, MP said "It's a real pleasure to present the awards - we've uncovered so many hidden talents. Going into hospital can be intimidating for people, but to brighten up this space with fantastic art is a really great project. As an artist myself, I know about the difficulty to find exhibition space and the importance of creativity in the workplace."

Since the exhibition opened in October 2017, patients, visitors and staff have been voting for their favourite artwork, choosing Midwifery Matron, Amanda Gell's artwork, Hare as the winner and Social Worker, Karen Road with her artwork of Lansdown Hill as runner up.

Winner Amanda Gell said: "This was the first time I have ever exhibited my art, so it's really nice to get feedback and hear my art is appreciated. For me art is the best form of relaxation – especially when you work in a demanding environment."

Although the exhibition will soon be over, the walls won't remain bare for long – the Art at the Heart team run a year round programme of exhibitions at the RUH, Bath's largest and most accessible gallery space.

Hetty Dupays, Art at the Heart of the RUH, Art & Design Manager said: "Thank you to everyone who got involved with this year's exhibition - it has been a great success showing the value of art to patients, visitors and staff. We know that art can have a beneficial role to play in hospitals – evidence shows it can ease anxiety, stress and depression for both patients and care staff, shorten patients' length of stay in hospital, reduce patients' need for painkilling medications and improve communication between patients and carers."

The exhibition programme is kindly supported by the Friends of the RUH. A third of the sale price on all artwork sold is donated to the RUH Arts Fund charity. Donations received by the art charity go directly into maintaining and continuing the broad range of award winning arts projects on offer at the hospital.


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