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Date: 12 May 2016

New PET-CT scanner up and running by June

Charity supporters have been praised for their efforts in raising £1.2m for a new Positron PET-CT cancer scanner for the Royal United Hospital in Bath.

They were congratulated at a ceremony (Wednesday May 11) at the hospital when a giant cheque was presented by the Mayor of Bath, Cllr William Sandry, to RUH Chairman Brian Stables.

The new state-of-the-art scanner, which can be used in the detection and diagnosis of cancer and dementia, is due to be up and running at the RUH by mid-June.

It has been made possible by the fund-raising efforts of the Bath Cancer Unit Support Group (BCUSG). The charity has raised almost all the £1.3m required to purchase this vital and life-saving piece of advanced diagnostic equipment and essential add-ons. The RUH is investing a further £1.4m to cover the costs of installation.

Mr Sandry, who as Mayor is Patron of the Positron Scanner Appeal, said: "It's an honour to congratulate everyone for raising this humbling amount of money for a fantastic cause. It's rare to see such a large amount of money raised and such commitment in achieving your target."

Brian Stables said: "This PET-CT scanner is a wonderful piece of equipment. It will be a massive benefit, not just for cancer patients but for those affected by dementia diseases like Alzheimer's.

Thanks to you, I'm delighted that we are now the first hospital in the South West to have such a purpose-built fixed scanner, which will be in place next month. It is a wonderful achievement and I thank each and every one of you for your contribution."

BCUSG fundraisers who donated £1,000 or more were presented with a certificate, and there was an opportunity for visitors to see around the new scanner unit.

But there is still fundraising work to be done. BCUSG chairman John Carter said: "The response to our appeal for funds has been remarkable and we are thrilled and grateful to everyone who has helped. We are so close to hitting the £1.3m target with fundraisers still busy with projects, and I'm entirely confident we'll achieve it. My message to all our supporters is – please keep going, you've done a fantastic job but we're not quite there yet."

Note to editors:

A PET-CT scanner works by combining two scanning techniques – Positron Emission Tomography and Computerised Tomography – to provide strikingly detailed and precise images of cancer cells in the body. It gives clinicians a much clearer picture of the spread of a cancer, how it is responding to treatment, and whether any cancerous cells remain following a course of treatment.

The RUH was identified as one of six new sites for PET-CT scanning in 2015 as part of a commitment by NHS England to increase patient access to the vital service.

Provision of the new scanner is part of the Trust's wider strategy for transforming Cancer Care. Plans are already underway for a new cancer centre at the RUH. The £27.5m Dyson Cancer Centre will be built using a similar approach to that employed in the creation of the hospital's award-winning Dyson Centre for Neonatal Care – offering cancer patients a truly holistic approach to their treatment.

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