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Media Release

Date: 25 October 2013

CQC's New Monitoring Model

The Care Quality Commission has developed a new model for monitoring key indicators. Each of these has been assigned a risk level – 'no evidence of risk', 'risk', or 'elevated risk'.

Of the 79 indicators which the CQC assessed the RUH against, they have identified three indicators which are 'elevated risk' and three as 'risk'.

Since this data was collected earlier this year we have made improvements in each of these areas. Having assessed our performance last month on the risk indicators we believe the CQC would now put us into band 5, one of the lowest risk bands.

This is due to the improvements we have made in our elective surgery processes, which mean that we are now treating patients more quickly.

In addition, one of the indicators where we were judged to be at risk is our healthcare worker flu vaccinate uptake, but these figures relate to last winter's vaccination campaign. This year's campaign has got off to a tremendous start with more than 1,000 members of staff vaccinated within the first fortnight. This is around 25% of our workforce.

We look forward to the CQC carrying out an in depth inspection of the RUH in December as one of the 18 trusts involved in the pilot of the new style inspections. We strongly believe that we are providing a safe, high quality level of care and welcome the opportunity to show inspectors this.


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