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Car Parking & Charges

We have built a new 300-space car park that opened on 12 September 2016, and at the same time we introduced a new computerised parking payment system.

Parking charges, for the fifth year running, are not being increased. We're replacing our old barriers and pay and display machines with an automated number plate recognition system called ANPR. Cameras read your vehicle registration number (VRN) when you enter the car park so you don't need to put a ticket on your windscreen.

It'll mean some changes, particularly if you're a Blue Badge holder, or if you're a regular visitor and used to the old system. Here are some of your questions answered.

Your questions answered

There are no barriers in place, but cameras will read your vehicle registration number (VRN) when you enter the car park.

  • If you know how long you are going to be at the hospital, you can pay at a pay machine straight away. You can use cash or pay by card or by paybyphone
  • If you do not know how long you will be here, just make a note of the time you entered the car park and pay when you leave. Currently the machines do not tell you how long you have been in the car park, you will have to select the length of time you have stayed
  • You do not need to display a ticket
  • If you pay when you arrive and then stay longer than planned, you can purchase additional time before you leave.
  • If you are in a hurry, you can pay later using the paybyphone app – more details here:
  • We have machines across the site including at the entrance to Princess Anne Wing, in the main entrance (Atrium) and at A&E
  • If you enter and leave the car park within 20 minutes, you do not have to pay and you will not be charged.

We're afraid not, although this is a significant increase in spaces available. Like all hospitals, demand for parking is very high and we can't guarantee you'll always find a space. Please leave extra time for your journey and consider using the Odd Down Park & Ride and other public transport alternatives.

The number of spaces we can have on site is determined by B&NES Council as the local planning authority. We've been allowed an additional 350 spaces across the site, the number limited by the pressure on local roads and the possible adverse effect on air quality. Our 300-space car park is built on land made available following the demolition of the old pathology lab and mortuary. The other 50 spaces will be built in a year or so when capital funds are available.

Parking charges are not increasing, for the fifth year running. There will be changes to two current tariffs - the £1 for 30-minutes charge will be replaced by a £2 for one-hour fee, while the current £15 five-day ticket will be extended to seven days at no extra cost. Concessions for visitors and patients requiring frequent attendance over a lengthy period will remain in place.

Parking fees cover the cost of providing parking, including ownership, maintenance, security and staffing and are not designed to generate profit. Any incidental profits are put back into patient care.

ANPR is a consistent means of charging for car parking. With ANPR you can pay in a flexible variety of ways, including after you have left the car park. It will be easier and more reliable for people to use and means you only pay for the time you spend in the car park.

You will continue to park for free. But we need to log your vehicle registration number(s) and Blue Badge details on to the ANPR computer database. ANPR works by recognising registration numbers. If it has your number and your Blue Badge details, it will know who you are and that you qualify for free parking.

There are two ways. Come to the main hospital reception desk with your documents, or call us on 01225 826274 and then present your Blue Badge for database validation at reception when you next visit the RUH. Each Blue Badge holder can register up to three vehicles.

Once registered and confirmed, you still need to display your badge in your vehicle while parked.

Car park signs will clearly explain what you should do. If you park without registering your vehicle and Blue Badge, the ANPR system will not know you are entitled to free parking and you could receive an £80 parking charge notice. To avoid that you must register your badge and vehicle at reception for a one-day pass.

No. ANPR will recognise that their VRN is for a motorbike and parking will be free as long as they use designated M/C bays. Extra bays are being provided in the new car park.

Volunteer and community transport organisations can register for their own organisational access to the parking portal where they can maintain their own fleet list of volunteer drivers. Vehicles registered on here will be exempt from paying for parking in P1, P2 and P4 and if blue badge registered can use the blue badge car parks. Volunteer and community drivers can use 20-minute drop off bays for short drop offs or pick up (20 minutes or less) but if exceeding the 20 minutes duration will need to move their vehicle to a car park. If unable to do this in exceptional circumstances they can speak to main reception who can register them for a one off exemption on that day

Drivers bringing in a patient with a disability must present the Blue Badge at the main reception desk. The driver will be allowed to park in a Blue Badge area even if not a Blue Badge holder themselves for that visit.

Drivers who are themselves Blue Badge holders can register (up until the expiry date of the blue badge) for Blue Badge exemption from parking fees. This will allow them to park at no cost or penalty in Blue Badge bays or patient car parks (but not to overstay 20-min bays). Registering is done by calling 01225 826274 and then presenting their Blue Badge at main reception on their next visit.

Note: If the car changes or if a new blue badge is received, you will need to let the RUH know so that we can update the database.

The new system supersedes any previous arrangements, such as notes or cards in car windows, as the ANPR will not be able to read the information.

Appeals are made directly to the car park managing company ParkingEye. Information and contact numbers will be included with any PCN issued, either through the post or attached to a vehicle parked on site.

Please call 01225 826274 or email

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