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AxSpA Virtual Self-Management Programme

Due to COVID-19 we have created a virtual AxSpA Self-Management Programme. The aim of the programme is to provide you with education and self-management strategies to empower you to feel in control of your condition.

This course does not include hydrotherapy, but does still have structured exercise sessions. It is one-week and maybe suitable for people who cannot take two weeks from work and/or home, to attend the in-person programme.

How it works

The course is run over five days, Monday to Friday, with a maximum of eight participants per group. Each day has a varied mix of learning, including; live educational talks, exercise and stretching sessions. We have spaced the day with regular breaks, and will ensure we pause the talks for some moving time. You will be sent your own Participant Workbook, and there is also pre-recorded material to view in your own time.

We are pleased to be able to maintain our strong multi-disciplinary team ethos with input from Physiotherapists, Clinical Nurse Specialists, a Podiatrist, an Occupational Therapist and our Psychologist. You will also have a consultation with Dr Sengupta, our lead Consultant Rheumatologist and his team.

We will conduct some virtual assessments before and after the course to chart your progress. You will then be followed up by a doctor after six months.

If you have attended a previous face to face 'AS course' we hope to have maintained the same themes and believe there is a lot to be gained from this new style of delivery.

How to take part

To be able to take part in the course you will need a computer/tablet and a sufficient internet connection to be able to run Zoom (virtual communication platform).

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