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Just in Case Medications as part of discharge planning

If a patient is expected to deteriorate rapidly following discharge or if a patient has had anticipatory medications prescribed during admission, these should be prescribed as 'Just in Case' medications for discharge.

Anticipatory Prescribing & 'Just in Case' Medication - Guidance for discharge

The 'Just in Case' prescription paper chart includes an authority to administer the medications for community staff to administer the medication if required. The prescription and authority to administer is valid for 7 days only, by which time the GP or non-medical prescriber will have prescribed medication on a community chart used in their CCG.

'Just in Case' (JIC) medications are prescribed to ensure that medication is readily available if required for symptoms that may develop as a person dies and can cause distress if not addressed. It is expected that JIC medications are prescribed for patients estimated to be in the last week of life.

The JIC pack dispensed by the RUH pharmacy will have a leaflet attached to explain to the patient/carer what the pack is for:

Just in Case Medication - Information for Patients and Carers

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