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Surgical Short Stay

In Theatre

The operating theatre is a very technical place as you would expect. The staff who will be looking after you will all be highly skilled specialists who are there to ensure you have the best possible care during your surgery. There are many groups of staff who will look after you here are some:


They have trained for many years and are specialists within their field. Orthopaedic surgeons only operate on bones, ligaments and joints, while urology surgeons only operate on bladders, Kidneys and prostates.

You will meet your surgeon prior to your operation and they will explain the operation to you and ask for your consent to the operation. If you have any concerns this is a good opportunity to discuss them.

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Anaesthetists – if you are having an anaesthetic

The anaesthetist is a doctor who has specifically trained to give you an anaesthetic. They have a vast knowledge of all medical conditions so if you have any concerns about ‘being put to sleep’ then please ask them.

You will see an anaesthetist before your operation to discus the best method for you. It might be a general anaesthetic (GA) where you are put to sleep or regional anaesthesia which may be a spinal or epidural anaesthetic.

There is more information on the Anaesthetic section of this website

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Nurses work in theatre and our aim is to provide you with the best possible care. As you may be asleep or lying still for long periods of time, it is important that we position and care for you, in a way which will prevent complications.

Our concerns are to look after you health, safety and wellbeing ensuring that the risk of you getting an infection is greatly diminished.

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Operating Department Practitioners (ODPs)

ODPs have undergone a 2 year training specifically to look after patients in theatre. They carryout the same role as the staff nurses and sisters within the operating theatre.

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Health Care Assistants(HCAs)

HCAs are employed to support the qualified staff and help to provide the best possible care for you. They have also received a one year training to enable them to do this.

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Operating Department orderlies

This group of staff enable the smooth running of theatre by ensuring the safe transfer of patients and equipment.