Patients & Visitors

Surgical Short Stay

Preventing infection

Alcohol Gel is available at the entrance
of Surgical Short Stay for use upon
entering and leaving the unit

At the RUH we are committed to ensuring that you are protected from the risk of infection and our team members are dedicated to ensuring you have a safe experience here. We have a strict regime of hand hygiene which is frequently audited.

To help us to protect you all patients and visitors are expected to gel their hands on arrival and when leaving the ward.

The following steps are taken to ensure the cleanliness of the ward and to prevent infections:

  • We have a dedicated cleaner for our unit and every week the ward is audited for its cleanliness. The results of which are available in our waiting room.
  • The equipment used is sterilised in our newly refurbished sterilisation unit
  • Theatres is a 'closed unit'; only those working here are allowed access
  • Our working practices are designed to prevent infection
  • The air in the operating theatre is filtered and changed every 15 minutes
  • We wear specially designed ‘scrub suits’ which are changed at least daily. *note you may see other members of hospital staff wearing these outside of theatre but not theatre staff
  • All staff receive regular training in infection control and it is our aim to prevent you from obtaining an infection
  • We have a strict hand washing regime which is audited weekly

If you see a member of staff not washing or gelling their hands between patients – they may have forgotten. Please remind them.

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