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Day Surgery

The aim of Day Surgery is to allow patients to undergo surgery without the need to stay in hospital overnight. Patients are often happier and more comfortable recovering in their own home; research has shown that for many operations Day Surgery has fewer complications and achieves higher levels of patient satisfaction.Day Surgery entrance

Day surgery is successfully achieved using several techniques

  1. Patient selection and information. Patients existing conditions, operation required and home circumstances all need to be suitable for Day Surgery procedures. Each of these will be assessed pre-operatively.

  2. Anaesthetic. The anaesthetic will be tailored to suit the patient and the operation they are having. Short acting drugs (including spinal anaesthetics), allow patient to recover much quicker, allowing them to eat and drink sooner. Once the patient feels well enough, they will be assessed by the nurse looking after them and allowed to go home if appropriate.

  3. Pain relief. This is often started before the operation, more is given during surgery and patients are encouraged to take regular pain relief for a few days following surgery. More specific information will be given to each patient individually.

Operating Theatres

The Day Surgery Unit (DSU), at the RUH comprises 5 operating theatres

Day surgery for Gynaecology and Urology also takes place in the DSU, this usually takes place when there is availability in theatres 11 – 14.

Emergency Surgery Ambulatory Care (ESAC), has regular list in the DSU.

Surgical Short Stay Unit

There is a ward adjacent to the DSU, unfortunately this is not currently dedicated to looking after Day Surgery patients. Some elective and emergency surgical inpatients are also cared for in this ward.

There is a Chair Port with 5 reclining chairs at the entrance to this ward where DSU patients can be recovered. This can either take place direct from stage 1 recovery or following an period of recovery on a trolley or bed. This facility has dramatically reduced our cancellation rate due to lack of beds.

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