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Patients may require a Bronchoscopy to investigate their condition. A Bronchoscopy is an examination of the major lung airways, performed under sedation.

During the procedure a bronchoscope (a fibreoptic flexible tube, the width of a pencil) is inserted through the nose or mouth, and into the major airways. A bronchoscopy is the only test that allows direct viewing of the major lung airways, which may be important in establishing your diagnosis.

During the test, it is possible to obtain a small sample of lung tissue (a biopsy), removed painlessly using tiny forceps passed through the bronchoscope. Additionally it is possible to take a sample washing from your lungs which can be sent for analysis.

You will be required to arrive at the hospital in the morning, and be able to return home at lunchtime. Bronchoscopy is a very safe and well tolerated procedure. If you are due to undergo a Bronchoscopy, you will be provided with more detailed information prior to the procedure.

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