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Gynaecology: Incontinence & Prolapse



Contact Details & Key Staff

Contact Us

Geraldine Taylor
Telephone: 01225 824657

Maternal medicine
Telephone:  01225 824657

Key staff:

Our team comprises:

  • Consultant urology surgeon
    Tim Bates
  • Consultant Uro-gynaecologist
    Rick Porter and Ayshia Qureshi
  • Cancer Surveillance and Screening
    Jane O’Mahoney
    Secretary: Lois Jones
    Telephone: 01225 824652

  • Emergency Gynaecology & Miscarriage Service
    Kate Palestre
    Telephone: 01225 824664

  • Clinical Nurse Specialist/Continence advisors
  • Physiotherapists
  • Urodynamics

We work closely with our women's health physiotherapy colleagues who are also based in Saint Martin's Hospital. We also are about develop a new Colorectal Specialist with them for women who have a combination of bladder and bowel control or emptying problems.

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