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Surgery at the RUH is closely linked to the Bristol Services lead by John Murdoch, MD MRCOG.

The teams in Bath and Bristol act as one united service. The key to this successful link is the full participation of all specialists in every case. This means that every case is discussed each week with a full team of specialists. This guarantees quality, efficiency and ensures that every aspect of care is scrutinised and audited. This multidisciplinary team is based at St Michael’s hospital

Surgical services at the RUH are organised by Nick Johnson, DM PHD FRCS MRCOG BSC, BM, BS.

The Diagnostic service for cervical carcinoma is run by Russ Luker, MRCOG.

Sholapurkar Shashikant MD MRCOG runs the diagnostics services for endometrial cancer (womb cancer).

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Specialty anaesthesia

The specialist anaesthetic service is led by Dr Abuzaid. He has specialised in gynaeocological cancer surgery anaesthesia for over 15 years.

We have access to the most modern anaesthetic techniques and equipment. Surgery occurs in fully equipped major operating theatres with immediate access to multidisciplinary surgical and anaesthetic teams. Postoperative care is provided on a specialist gynaecological surgical ward with high dependency care and intensive care facilities.

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Nurse Specialists

The purpose of a Nurse Specialist is to navigate the patient journey.  In other words, they support women with cancer and help them through the maze of cancer services.

  • Tracie Miles
  • Jane O’Mahoney 
  • Anna Donnovan 
  • Kate Palastre 
  • Bea Hamilton 

Tracie Miles

Tracie is the lead GO specialist nurse for the country. She is the President for the UK Society of Gynaecological Nurse Specialists (UK National Forum of Gynaecological Nurses).  She is a committee member for the International Gynaecological Cancer Society, author of the International Guidelines for Radiotherapy relating to Gynaecological cancer and was awarded a doctorate for her contribution to science from the University of the West of England.

Her PHD was in the field of radiation toxicity. She is a senior nurse specialist and her an honorary lecture for the University of the West of England.

Tracie is organising the nursing symposium for the European Society of Gynaecological Oncology annual conference in Liverpool in 2013 and  she organised the National (UK) FGON meeting in Bath 2012.

She is the editor in chief of the NFGON news.

Scientific Publications by Tracie Miles

Jane O’Mahoney

Jane was a Senior Gynaecological Sister and has an enormous amount of experience in the surgical care of women with gynaecological cancer.  She as devoted her life to looking after women with emotional and physiological issues related to cancer. 

Anna Donnovan

Anna runs the Colposcopy Services and is the Lead Nurse for the Royal United Colposcopy Services, focusing on the diagnosis an prevention of cervical cancer.  She has been examined and accredited by the British Society of Colposcopists and Cervical Pathologists.

Kate Palastre

Kate is the Sister who runs the Gynaecological Out-Patient services.

Bea Hamilton 

Bea is an expert in research, especially clinical trials. She manages Clinical Trails in cancer care, helps evaluate ways of exploring and deciding on the most effective and efficient means of treating cancer. She helps co-ordinates and supports both national and in-house clinical research studies specialising in gynaecology.

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Claire Heron, Margaret Marshal and Lyn Merrett

Appointment Services can be contacted on 01225 824646.

The central appointment office manages new referrals and their phone number is 01225 82 1821.

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Medical Records

Vanessa Perry

Administrates the Medical Records for the Specialty

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