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Exercise Test


Patients with:

  • Known angina for assessment
  • Suspected angina to confirm exercise induced ischaemia

Patients should be able to walk safely on a treadmill. A doctor is not routinely present during the test.

Patients with acute chest pain should be referred to the Emergency Department

Patients with complicated cardiac problems such as previous heart surgery or possible valve disease should be referred to a Consultant by letter.

Who not


Patients wear ECG electrodes whilst walking on a treadmill so that trace changes during exercise can be assessed. The test is supervised by two Cardiac Physiologists and the result is reviewed by the Consultant.




Most patients are selected by a Consultant Cardiologist. But requests can be made by letter.
Appointments are made by the Cardiac Centre Appointments Clerk and confirmed by post.


Cardiac Centre, 3rd Floor Central, Royal United Hospital, Bath


Please do the following tests in advance:

  • Haemoglobin

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