Patients & Visitors

Paediatric Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / ME


What we offer

Services are provided both within and outside our region. Within our local region we offer face-to-face assessment and rehabilitation plans for children and young people to help them manage their condition, and learn how to get better.

Out of our region we offer face-to-face assessment, and we help the young person set up a rehabilitation plan. We support the child's local team in providing rehabilitation. Individuals can either be assessed as outpatients or, if they are severely affected, at home. Out of region patients can also be referred for consideration for the FITNET-NHS trial.

What if a child cannot get to the hospital?

If a child is too poorly to get to the hospital, home visits can be arranged. We believe that severely affected children with CFS/ME should be able to access all treatment at home.

We will carry out a home visit, usually with a local team (for example, a GP, social services, local paediatrician), and carry out a full assessment to work out what treatment is needed and how it can be accessed.

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