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HFE Gene Mutation Detection
(a.k.a Haemochromatosis)

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Special instructions
Haemochromatosis screen requires 2 x ETDA, 1 x clotted sample (SST).

Stable for one day at 15 to 25oC without any loss in DNA yield, or up to 1 week with only moderate loss in yield.

Storage at 2 to 8oC for up to 7 days is recommended to reduce loss in yield.

Linked to
Haemochromatosis Screen

Turnaround Time
42 days

Department: Haematology

Clinical Application
Genetic test forms part of the hereditary haemochromatosis screen.
Hereditary haemochromatosis screen includes: Full blood count, HFE genotyping (C282Y, H63D), serum ferritin quantitation and transferrin saturation (serum iron and total iron binding capacity).


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